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Northwestern Campus Maps includes location details, photos and links to driving or walking directions. In 2014, the maps application was redesigned to improve the user experience. With feedback from maps users, we continue to refine the experience for users of Maps and Shuttles. See what's new in our latest release.

Navigating the Map

Navigation menu: The navigation pane is a drawer that slides in from the left side of the maps page. To close or open the menu, click or tap on the tab with three vertical dots at the left side of the page.

Map refocusing: To move the map view, simply press the left mouse button down on top of the map and, while holding the button down, "pull" the mouse in the direction you'd like the map to move. On mobile devices, tap and hold the map image to move the map view. To zoom in or out, click or tap the + or – on the lower right side of the page. To switch between map and satellite view, use the pulldown at the upper right.

Switching Campus Views

To toggle between views of the Chicago and Evanston campuses, click on the “Go to…” option in the left navigation tray.

Finding Buildings

To find a building, you may want to utilize the search function at the top of the navigation menu. Simply type in a name or keyword and select a building from the results list. If you cannot find the building you are looking for, you may want to use the A-Z Index to peruse the list of all buildings. The A-Z list includes buildings from the Chicago and Evanston campuses.

More Info: For building details, click the More Info link from the building pop-up window.

Directions: To obtain directions to or from any location, click on Directions from the location pop-up window, enter your starting location in the Google maps application and select your mode of travel.

Sharing the location: You may send the link to buildings or locations identified on the map by clicking on the Email URL link in the location pop-up window.


In the left navigation, you can select which types of locations to display, such as buildings, parking, landmarks, etc. You can also view bike racks.


Use the Shuttles link in the left navigation tray to visit the university shuttle tracker.